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Our Wines

A bottle of wine and glass on the grass.

Peach Sangria
Our special blend of white wine and classic citrus flavors with a touch of peach.

A crisp white wine with a clean, light citrus finish.

A semi-sweet white produced by our Vignoles grapes, with hints of ripe pineapple and apricot that are evident.

Prairie Dew
A fruity, medium-sweet wine made in the Germanic style. It is a very popular wine and a Hill Prairie staple!

Axl Rosé
A smooth Rosé with a hint of strawberry on the finish.

Prairie Sunshine
Back by popular demand, our sweetest white wine is one that customers keep asking for.

Prairie Barn Blush
A flavorful blend of Hill Prairie grapes is a better option than white zinfandel.

Prairie Barn Red
A popular sweet red made from Frontenac grapes. Pairs well with chocolate.

Chambourcin (out of stock)
A dry red of medium body with light cherry notes. Good acidity pairs well with Italian dishes and steaks.

Adam's Apple
A blend of Illinois apples, slightly sweet but not overpowering the taste of the fruit.

NOTE: We always strive to produce quality wines. Like anything else, great wines take time. Also, we welcome your comments, and you can call us at (217) 635-9900 or send us an email. Also, check out what's new on our Facebook and Instagram page!